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Business LMIA


The LMIA process serves as proof that no Canadian citizen and/or permanent resident is
ready, willing and able to fill a specific position in Canada. The process is difficult, and the

onus is on the employer or company to demonstrate that there is a real labor shortage.

Documents required for an LMIA application.

LMIA applications may vary depending on the type of business or industry, location of the

company and the foreign worker they are looking to hire. Below is a generic checklist for

your reference:

LMIA rules, regulations and requirements are subject to frequent change. These changes concern different job categories, duration, exemptions, etc. Continuous research, attention to detail and

hard work are required to achieve a positive LMIA. At Immigraide, we help evaluate the profile

of our clients and advise them on their eligibility to obtain an LMIA. Immigraide assists its clients/employers with the display of the ad.

-  We help Canadian employers submit a request for an environmental impact study
   labor market (LMIA) and we legally represent them before ESDC during the procedure.


  Some of the documents Immigraide needs:

-  Copy of the announcement and information showing where, when and for how long the                      position was advertised. Company registration documents or legal constitution

    (if first LMIA application).

    (This does not apply to employers of home caregivers)

-  Provincial or municipal business operating permit if applicable and if it is a

   first LMIA application.

  (This does not apply to employers of in-home caregivers.)

-  Documents from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA): T2, Annex 100, Information on the

    balance sheet, and T2, Annex 125, Information on the income statement (for companies).

    These are only required if this is the first LMIA application by employer.

     (This does not apply to film and entertainment or to employers of in-home caregivers.)

-   Letter of authorization or certificate of professional safety and insurance against workers'                  compensation (e.g., workers' compensation board) of the province or territory (if applicable).

-    Attestations (if applicable) from a lawyer or a certified professional accountant (CPA) in
     rules with a professional order or a respective professional order. Certificates from Quebec               chartered accountants are not authorized by the Order of professional accountants of Quebec.

-    Commercial lease agreement (if applicable).

     (This does not apply to employers of in-home caregivers.)

-    Cinema and entertainment: Copy of the employment contract (except cinema and television).

Provincial documentation requirements

-    British Columbia: Employment agency license (Employment Standards Act of the
     British Columbia), if applicable.

-   Alberta: License to operate an employment agency (Commercial Act Alberta Fair Trade),

    if applicable.

-   Manitoba: Certificate of Registration

    (Recruitment and Protection Act workers in Manitoba).

-   Saskatchewan: Employer Registration Certificate (Services Act recruitment and immigration of        foreign workers). No documents required; however, employers must be registered.

-   Nova Scotia: Employer registration certificate (Labour Standards Code).

What is the cost of an LMIA application per applicant?

The government processing fee for an LMIA application is $1,000 CAD. However, there

are exceptions where an employer or business is not required to pay these processing fees.

How can Immigraide help you?

-   LMIA rules, regulations and requirements are subject to frequent changes. These changes              concern different categories of employment, duration, exemptions, etc. Continuous research,             attention to detail and hard work is required to achieve a positive LMIA.

     We help evaluate the profile of our clients and advise them on their eligibility for the LMIA.

-   We also assist our clients/employers in publishing the advertisement.

-   We help Canadian employers submit a request for an environmental impact study labor

    market (LMIA) and we legally represent them before ESDC during of the procedure.


The process of submitting an LMIA to Service Canada includes the following steps:

-  Prepare the LMIA application: Ensure that the application is complete and accurate, including

    all required documents such as proof of recruitment efforts, job offers and financial documents.

-  Choose application method: There are two ways to apply for an LMIA. The quickest way is to

   go through the LMIA online portal, which requires a LMIA Portal Account.

-  Submit supporting documents: Upload the required supporting documents through the

   LMIA online portal or attach them in the email if you submit a request using a PDF form.

-  Pay LMIA fees: Quickly pay the LMIA fees, which are $1,000 per request, unless there are               exceptions based on salary or immigration program.

-  Wait for processing: After submission, the request will be processed by Service Canada.                   Processing time may vary.

-    Mr. Robert Taillefer Esq. can attend the agent's interview.

-    Receipt of the decision: Service Canada will issue a decision letter indicating whether
      the LMIA application is approved (positive or neutral) or refused (negative).

-    Inform the worker: If the LMIA is approved, provide a copy of the letter of confirmation

     to the foreign worker, who can then submit a work permit application.

-    Immigraide will complete the workers'  permit application.

Getting started with Immigraide is easy! Whatever stage you are

at in the LMIA process, we can help you in several ways:

1. Call to speak directly to our attorney to discuss your business needs.

2. Email us for any LMIA inquiries.

3. Complete an employer assessment form, and we'll help you  to find out if you

    meet the minimum eligibility criteria  to file an LMIA application.

If you are in the process of obtaining an LMIA or if you have questions

about your application, you can make an appointment for a 45-minute

strategic session with our Senior immigration lawyer who specializes

in LMIA applications.

Mr. Robert Taillefer, Esq. will study your file and advise you on the best solution.

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